It's Not About The Belt

Can you imagine a society where everyone shows respect, integrity and self-control?

Have you ever wondered what makes martial artists accomplish extraordinary things?

"It's Not About The Belt" will show you how to apply martial arts values to your everyday life. "You don't need to be a black belt to act like one." With this book, you don't even need to be a martial artist to apply the principles.

A black belt is a representation of the five tenets of Taekwondo: Perseverance, Self-control, Respect, Integrity and Indomitable Spirit. It takes all of those values to earn a black belt. However, it truly is NOT about the belt, it is the kind of person the black belt becomes that matters most.

As the book states:
"You don’t need to wait for the black belt to encircle your waist. You can live by the code of the Martial Artist, because a black belt encircles your heart."

Why this book is uncommon:
Many martial arts books focus on the "how-to" part of training. "It’s Not About The Belt" provides readers with the tools to apply martial arts values in everyday life. The book has "real life" stories demonstrating that when martial arts values are applied to obstacles and challenges, success is inevitable!

There is no doubt that individuals of all stages of life are fascinated by the martial arts. Now you can directly benefit from over 30 years of martial arts experience along with lessons learned from the greatest martial artists and personal development leaders.